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Connects Against Crime: Iowa City Police Cracking Down on ATM Fraud

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- When the bank closes there's always an around the clock option for withdrawing cash.
"That's just the evolution of the banks and the credit unions," says Sgt. Denise Brotherton.  

ATM's seem anonymous - there's no teller to confront, you can use it in daylight and at night.
Melody Moody counted on those factors in November to turn the simple act of taking money out of  the machine into a serious crime.
According to Police, Moody knowingly deposited falsified bank slips into the ATM to take out money she didn't have. 

The complaint alledges Moody committed the crime at least five times. Making deposits worth 25-hundred dollars,- costing the the bank more than one thousand dollars in losses.
It's a crime Iowa City Police have been dealing with for a few years, but often deal with more this time of year.

"People may think that they are getting away with something, they may think oh I can put this check in quick and pull it out," Sgt. Brotherton said.  

The American Bankers Association, since 2000, estimates ATM fraud is committed more than 5-thousand times a year.
Because of that most banks have safety measures in place, by only allowing a small amounts of a deposited check to be withdrawn.
In the Iowa City case, Moody allegedly withdrew small amounts of those fake deposits over a two month period.
Eventually, the bank caught on.

"There's going to be cameras there, the bank is going to track that, we are going to track that and you know people are going to be held accountable," says Brotherton. 

Police are using Moody as an example - ATM fraud is a felony - and you don't get away with it.

Connects Against Crime: Iowa City Police Cracking Down on ATM Fraud

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