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CBS 2 Connects Against Crime: Holiday Crackdown on Crime in Marion

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT
MARION, IA (KGAN/KFXA) -- It's Independence Day and while many turn their eyes to Cedar Rapids annual fireworks display.

"We don't have fireworks so everyone goes to Cedar Rapids," says Sgt. Phil Fort.

Marion Police are suiting up for missions of their own.

"When the fireworks are over we just get flooded," Fort says.

Flooded with calls as crime this time of year spikes, especially on days like this one.

"The biggest thing we see right now is fireworks, they are illegal in Iowa, besides the fireworks at this point and time a lot of burglaries to homes and cars," Fort said.  

According to police people fall victim especially on HOT days, often times letting that fresh air in from an unlocked door or a window opens your home up to the eyes of a thief.  

"People have their windows open when it's warmer out and so they leave their cars unlocked at night with the windows down," says Fort.  

But the department, like most employers has it's own challenges on holidays

"We are short staffed also," says Fort.

Still, for would-be criminals, that doesn't mean there's suddenly a license to steal

"We're watching traffic laws today because there's going to be a lot of people going to and from fireworks, so traffic safety is going to be important," Fort said.

Out on patrol

"I'm at 13th street and 7th avenue," says Fort.

Called to back-up a traffic stop, Fort learned the man being put in cuffs was stopped for not wearing a seat belt. Turns out, he admitted to police there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  

"This is actually pretty common, it's uncommon for them to tell us they have a warrant," says Fort.

The department says even short staffed, they find the officers to catch the offenders breaking the law.

CBS 2 Connects Against Crime: Holiday Crackdown on Crime in Marion

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