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CBS 2 Connects Against Crime: CRPD Bike Patrol

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (KGAN/KFXA) -- From this angle, this  bike looks just like any other mountain bike.       

Police officers aren't just riding around in cars now, the bike copes are out and while the bike trail is just one area of focus they say patrolling the street with the bike for offenders has it's advantages.

"Bike patrols a great community policing tool because you are out in the open, you're much more accessible to the public," says Officer Thaddeus Paisar. 

Bike cops, patrol much of the southeast side that includes downtown and the neighborhoods surroundsing it like Taylor and Wellington Heights.

"It's a tool that you can use a lot easier to get closer to people and you're not noticed," says Victoria Syverson

The bike allows an officer to tell if a driver isn't wearing a selt belt.

"Cedar Rapids Police Department, I need you to pull over behind that minivan"

Like the driver of this car spotted by KGAN CBS 2.

"Usually they can't believe they are getting stopped by a cop on a bike," Paisar said.

The Police Department uses the bikes in a number of ways especially for special events like freedom fest and Ragbrai. 

"There will certainly be a number of bike patrol officers during those events," says Paisar. 

In this case police say they are riding to keep the peace and developing community contacts along the way.

CBS 2 Connects Against Crime: CRPD Bike Patrol

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