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Created in the Corridor: Involta

Updated: Thursday, December 26 2013, 10:18 PM CST

MARION, Iowa (CBS 2 / FOX 28) - Economic
development experts agree that Facebook’s decision to locate a $33 Million data
center in Iowa could help change outside perceptions of our state.  But Facebook is just catching up to what
entrepreneur Bruce Lehrman already knows. 
He’s operating an advanced technology company Created in the Corridor.

"It's a model that I really like
from a business standpoint, " says Lehrman, Chief Executive Officer of
Involta.  His company builds, owns and
operates world-class data centers, including one in Marion.  But unlike Facebook, Involta serves the vital
technology needs of multiple clients in myriad industries. "We do have
customers everywhere from global 500 companies to small startup companies,”
says Lehrman. “We have people from health care organizations, to government to

Those customers need reliability
and resiliency. That’s why Involta has two power feeds into its Marion
facility. If one goes down, the other takes over.  They even have backups to their backup
generators. Explains Lehrman, "If you're a hospital, they're doing surgery
with real time images. If that system goes down, it's a game changer."

In addition, there is 300 tons of
cooling in the Marion data center.  And
multiple layers of security ensure that access is granted only to the right
people.  There are also a number of
cyber-security procedures in place that keep traffic from being hacked.  Lehrman boasts, "We're fending off
thousands of attacks every day. Most of them are automated attacks and our
systems are set up to take care of that."

Involta now has seven data
centers in five cities, having just opened one in Tucson, Arizona.  But Iowa, and the Corridor in particular, are
home to what Lehrman believes are his greatest resources.  "The people here, the opportunity to hire
great people, people that are stable and want to come to work every day…there's
not a better place in the country to have a business," asserts Lehrman.

Involta employs about 100 people
and it continues to grow, with IT services now becoming a larger part of the
company’s business.

To learn more about Involta, go
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Created in the Corridor: Involta

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