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Created In The Corridor

Created In The Corridor

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Created in the Corridor: Higher Learning Technologies

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 08:07 AM CST
CORALVILLE, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - It's a 'made for TV' story of three Iowa college buddies who turn a notion into one of the most innovative tech products of 2013. They are literally transforming
the way people learn with Higher Learning Technologies, Created in the Corridor.

“We’re all passionate about this; I’ve never been more excited about something in my life nor has everyone else around us,” says Alec Whitters, a University of Iowa Dental School Alum who couldn't understand why he had to pay $400 for a buch of paper flash cards to study for his boards. After all, he had a brand new tablet and a smartphone. Recalls Whitters, “I actually called some publishing companies and said, ‘Hey, you need to make an app for this’ and they said, ‘no’, like, ‘that’s a dumb idea’.”  So Whitters takes his so-called 'dumb idea' and develops a test-prep application for dental students. It becomes one of the top ten grossing educational apps in the I-store.  

Meantime, Whitters recruits his life-long friend and U-I Nursing School Graduate Ben O'Connor who helps create a similar app for his course of study. “Yeah," exclaims O'Connor, "we’ve seen sales in places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, all the way to the Philippines and Thailand, it’s been amazing.”

Another partner in the company says he can't believe how fast their products are taking off. “We went from our Dental App, had some good results, we were in 60 countries with that. But then this nursing one came out and in two months we had over 100,000 downloads, we have users in 113 countries.” Adam Keune is the business grad of this Hawkeye Alumni trio and helped the team secure $100,000 in development money from the state.

Their goal is to release 10 study apps by the end of this year and 100 by the close of 2014. Keep in mind; they've only been at this for 18 months. “We’re out-selling Kaplan 10-to-1 and these other big test prep companies literally 10-to-1. We’re the number 1 rated app in both of our fields and we’re very proud of that,” boasts Keune.

Higher Learning Technologies is nominated for Mobile App of the Year, Innovation of the Year and New Start-Up of the Year by Silicon Prairie News. You can vote for these awards by going to the News Links section of this website.Created in the Corridor: Higher Learning Technologies

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