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Created In The Corridor

Created In The Corridor

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Created in the Corridor: Geonetric

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 08:07 AM CST
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS 2 / FOX 28) -This edition of Created in the Corridor is as much about company culture as it is about commerce.
Geonetric Develops websites for hospitals and health care systems across the country. And its way of doing business is so innovative; you
could call the Cedar Rapids firm the Google of the Midwest.

"It's probably one of the most advanced software teams in Iowa," boasts Geonetric President and CEO, Eric Engelmann.
The local entrepreneur has a lot of confidence in his employees; so much so that they have no bosses.
"Being good at a craft is a great thing," says Engelmann,"and none of our 70 employees have managers."
That means there's no hierarchy. Interdisciplinary teams prioritize their own work flow using the talents of each member.
The concept comes down to hiring the right people, then trusting them to do the right thing. Engelmann explains, "You are a professional,
you're an expert, you're an adult. Make the conversation happen that needs to happen and get the work done as best you can."

And the work they do helps healthcare organizations help their patients.  "When they do things online, you can pay bills, request
appointments, register for classes, manage certain aspects of your healthcare using our software, Engelmann says. 
Geonetric redesigned Mercy Medical Center's website to meet the hospital's growing mobile traffic. Christy Bock, a marketing specialist
at Mercy, explains simply; "If I'm in need of urgent care or emergency care, I can go find exactly what's on the full website even when I'm out in my car."

That's innovation that results in new clients which Geonetric employees celebrate with free ice cream parties. The fact is, there's always free food
on premises, from fresh fruit and cereal, to coffee, espresso and soda. "If you're gonna be here," says Engelmann, "we want you to at least be comfortable and if you need a snack you're all covered." And time in the office is flexible. "I'm a private music teacher," says Human Resources Manager Anne Ohrt. "I can go home and teach lessons and work at night from home." Geonetric even allows employess to take bi-annual month-long sabaticals. Explains Ohrt, "We want you to enjoy life and experience life, and do great work for us. And it's awesome."

In many ways, Geonetric is reinventing the concept of human resources to get things done."It's a very interesting experiment, says Engelmann. "If nothing else we're going to learn so much from this that we'll be a better company either way but all of the initial indications are that it's working very, very well."

So well, that Geonetric plans to hire another 130 people and will break ground next month for a new office building in Cedar Rapids' growing NewBo District. You can learn more about the company, including its philanthropic endeavors, by visiting the News Links section of this website. Created in the Corridor: Geonetric

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