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Created In The Corridor

Created In The Corridor

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Created in the Corridor: ClusterFlunk

Updated: Thursday, January 23 2014, 05:11 AM CST
IOWA CITY, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - Social media sites can be fun, connecting friends and relatives in ways we never dreamed of years ago. There's even one for professional connections. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of two Prairie High School graduates, there's a site specifically designed to help college students improve their learning efficiency, Created in the Corridor.

“We actually rode the same bus growing up,” says A.J. Nelson as he tells the story of how met Joe Dallago, became fast friends and then went to separate universities. Fast forward to the phone call that would change everything; Joe had failed a test and didn't have anyone to connect with. Remembers Nelson, “He’s like 'I emailed my T.A., I emailed my teacher. No one ever responded.  And we both kind of sat there and were like, there should be some kind of tool that you should just be able to talk to the kids in your class." Dallago explains the idea further, “Ask questions, receive answers, previous exams…anything that’s going to help you obtain that information and obtain that knowledge quicker.”

Their Brainstorm? ClusterFlunk, a free site where students can hook up with other students in all the classes they're taking, each class having its own wall. “In that class wall you can ask questions, attach files, upload your lecture notes and study guides," says Nelson. "Anyone can download those files. And then you have the capability of instant messaging all of the students in your class.”
University of Iowa student Anne Curbow remembers her first experience with Clusterflunk when she had a tough financial class. She says it's especially useful when she's in a crunch.“If it’s late at night and you’re doing your homework at the last minute you can’t really email your professor and get an immediate answer.  But a lot of students are up really late so, you get answers that way.”

U-I student Michael McPartlin is earning his masters degree in education and says, “I’ve been using it as a tool to create study guides, put up information for other students to use and then I kind of get feedback
on whether that helps them or not."

Nelson says even some professors are using the site. But, as with any young startup, there are challenges as ClusterFlunk keeps growing its user base.“We just need more talented developers in the area that we can reach out to and hire,” says Dallago.

Just two days shy of its one year anniversary, ClusterFlunk has 50 colleges and universities from across the country on board. You can find a link to ClusterFlunk in the News Links section of this website. Created in the Corridor: ClusterFlunk

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