Iowa tech, health care jobs see fastest growth

If your job title includes the word "analyst" or "therapist," you are in high demand in Iowa, reports Zippia. Operations research analyst, information security analyst and physical therapy assistant top the career resource firm's tech and health care-heavy list of the state's 10 fastest growing positions. Pay for the top 10 varies widely. Nurse practitioners (No. 9) earn $94,310 and can look forward to 1,070 openings by 2024, while home health aides earn $23,920 and will see 13,260 openings in their field by the same year.

Surprisingly, considering Iowa's aggressive growth in the wind industry, turbine service technician is not on the top 10. That job category does top the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics list of fastest growing occupations with a 108 percent national growth rate from 2014 to 2024.

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