Students learn more about law enforcement through program at UI

For years, the University of Iowa's student security program has given students an inside look at law enforcement, but they're having some trouble reaching the masses.

Jonathan Ron, security supervisor, said they're looking for about 50 more students to sign up for the community policing program.

"We have an open channel this way," Ron said. "Everybody gets to experience and understand what we're doing and peer to peer, students can spread the word."

Students, like Daisy Torres, signed up to get a taste of what it's like to serve her community.

"I do academic unlocks, to patrolling the parking lot," Torres said. "I also do dorm checks and I check Voxman before it closes."

It's a full plate for a sophomore, but she said this is preparing her for what's to come.

"I hope to take all the skills I've learned, so just simple things like learning how to use a radio, learning how to call things into dispatch to the paperwork because we fill logs out at the end of every shift as well," _______ said.

Each year, program coordinators try to give students a closer look at the job.

This year, they've added more assignments.

"We got a couple more buildings and sights around campus such as the libraries," Ron said. "We got the Hope Lodge, as far as services, some parking assignments to watch over the parking lots and sports events."

"They're definitely a lot of fun," Torres said. "I like working them mostly because you get to interact with a lot people and that's what I like doing too and as an officer you're going to have high volumes of people contact."

The fun only adds to the reason many students sign up for the program.

"It makes you feel like you're contributing something to a campus that's so big," Torres said. "It makes you feel important."

If you are interested in learning more, click on this link to the UI website.

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