Social host ordinance approved in Vinton

Vinton saw an incident of social hosting gone wrong in 2015 when Emma Redlinger was unintentionally shot in the head.

For five years, the Above the Influence Coalition had been fighting to avoid tragedies like that from reoccurring.

On Thursday, the social host ordinance in Vinton was officially adopted by the city council, making it a civil infraction to provide alcohol to minors.

The ordinance isn't new to the county, Benton County has its own, but it's only applied to unincorporated areas.

Since 2012, the Coalition has tried to get it passed in every community and town, so the whole county is covered.

Being in a rural community, the Coalition said underage drinking is common, but there's one portion of the ordinance that makes it different from any other.

"Ours, from the very beginning, has covered marijuana and other illegal substances," David Condry, project coordinator for Above the Influence Coalition, said.

"That has set us apart, I heard just recently that we're the only county that has put substances other than alcohol in our social so we're setting a standard to say it's more than underage drinking."

Click on this link for the full ordinance on, including penalties adults could face for providing substances to minors.

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