SET Task Force presents recommendations, objectives to city council

It's now up to the city council to decide how to move forward to reduce violence in Cedar Rapids.

On Tuesday, the Safe, Equitable and Thriving Task Force (or SET) wrapped up more than a year of research and presented it to the city council for review.

Co-chairs Stacey Walker and Mary Wilcynski said the 68-page document is just a starting point for what's going to change the city in the years to come.

"We've hit this milestone of having an actual report, the work really begins," Wilcynski said.

The task force was established after the shooting deaths of teenagers in 2015 and it has snowballed into a group of people dedicated to making sure it doesn't happen again.

"Not just in this community but all across America, there is a culture that glamorizes the violence that we see a lot of our students and kids mimicking," Walker said.

The focus of the solution centers around six different angles: outreach and community engagement, economic opportunities, education, housing, programming and law enforcement.

Each subcommittee lists different objectives and research backing the need for change.

Read the full document:

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