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Last Update on December 17, 2014 08:07 GMT


OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Apple has won a case in a lawsuit over one of its iPod music players. And this one didn't take long. A federal jury in Oakland, California cleared Apple after just a few hours of deliberation. The class-action suit was filed on behalf of consumers and iPod resellers -- who claimed that Apple's use of restrictive software was a form of anticompetitive behavior. For its part, Apple claimed the software provided a measure of security and was part of a larger package of features that made the product popular. In a statement after the jury decision, Apple applauded the verdict. Attorneys for the plaintiffs, meanwhile, say they plan to appeal.


NEW YORK (AP) -- For some people the hack attack against Sony was an annoyance. For others it was an embarrassment. But for two former employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment, it's the subject of a lawsuit. The former workers claim the company should have done more to keep hackers from swiping nearly 50,000 Social Security numbers, salary details and other bits of personal information. The lawsuit claims Sony Pictures knew the computer system was vulnerable, but did little to protect it. The case, filed in a federal court in Los Angeles on Monday, seeks class-action status for other current and former employees whose personal information was stolen posted online. Sony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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