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Last Update on October 31, 2014 07:08 GMT


NEW YORK (AP) -- New Yorkers are not too hot on the idea of Taylor Swift being the official tourism ambassador for the city. The Daily News calls her appointment "absurd," and a Brooklyn city councilman is wondering why no native New Yorkers were chosen. Spokesman Chris Heywood of the tourism agency, NYC and Company, says Swift is the number one global pop star right now. Heywood says she has "the wonderment and excitement" that people have when they first come to New York. The New York Post has a softer approach to Swift. It writes the promotions featuring Swift are not aimed at New Yorkers but people who live elsewhere.


<<CUT ..014 (10/31/14)>> 00:28 ""

Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH'-tah), AP music correspondent

New Yorkers are questioning the choice of singer Taylor Swift as the new face of the city. AP music correspondent Margie Szaroleta has more. ((opens with music))

<<CUT ..015 (10/31/14)>> 00:13 "to New York"

Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH'-tah)

AP music correspondent Margie Szaroleta reports Taylor Swift moved to New York only last year.

<<CUT ..016 (10/31/14)>> 00:44 ""

Sound of Taylor Swift

Sound of Taylor Swift performing "Welcome to New York."


NEW YORK (AP) -- Tiny Harris is defending her choice to have a procedure that permanently lightened the color of her eyes. The former Xscape singer and wife of rapper T.I. says she traveled to Africa about two weeks ago for cosmetic implants that changed her eyes from brown to ice gray. She tells "Good Morning America" she thinks they're "amazing." A spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology says such procedures are illegal in the U.S. and are considered dangerous. Harris says T.I. wasn't on board at first but is OK with them as long as she's healthy.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A federal judge in Los Angeles has ordered a jury trial to sort out whether the Robin Thicke song "Blurred Lines" rips off Marvin Gaye's music. The judge determined there is a genuine dispute about whether "Blurred Lines" copies Gaye's song "Got To Give It Up." A trial is set for February 10. The judge also ruled that a trial will be needed to decide whether Thicke's song "Love After War" copies Gaye's song "After The Dance." A lawyer for Thicke says he's confident Thicke and collaborator Pharrell (fah-REL') Williams will win. A representative for Gaye's children did not have an immediate comment on the ruling.


LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Death Row Records founder Suge (SHUG) Knight was arrested the day before he had to appear in court on an unrelated charge. Knight is in a Las Vegas jail after he was taken into custody Wednesday night on charges he and comedian Katt Williams stole a celebrity photographer's camera last month in Beverly Hills, California. Knight appeared in court in Las Vegas yesterday on an unrelated suspended-license charge that was reduced to a $190 fine. Knight will have an extradition hearing Monday. He has a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon and could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.


SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) -- Gregg Allman has been dropped from a lawsuit by the family of a camera assistant who was killed while working on a movie of his life. Lawyers for the parents of Sarah Jones say they are dismissing their claims against Allman. They say after reviewing evidence in the case, it's clear that Allman had no involvement in the decisions that led to Jones' death. Allman was an executive producer for the film "Midnight Rider." Jones was killed during the first day of filming in February when a freight train slammed into the crew on a railroad bridge in southeast Georgia. Jones' parents are still suing the film's director, railroad company CSX Transportation and the owner of the property surrounding the crash site.


CHICAGO (AP) -- Bastille did not think "Pompeii" would be the monster hit it is. They thought their latest single, "Flaws," would be the hit. Singer Dan Smith says while Bastille released nine singles in the U.K., "Pompeii" far exceeded their expectations in the U.S. Drummer Chris Wood says "Flaws" was their first release ever, even before they had a record deal. Bastille had printed 300 copies of it on vinyl in 2011. Wood says it's weird that "Flaws" started it all for them and it will probably be the last single in the U.S. before the band heads in the studio next year.


<<CUT ..010 (10/31/14)>> 00:14 "of started it"

Chris Wood, drummer for Bastille

Bastille drummer Chris Wood says they are coming full circle in the U.S. with the song "Flaws."

<<CUT ..011 (10/31/14)>> 00:10 "more than Pompeii"

Chris Wood, drummer for Bastille

Bastille drummer Chris Wood says they thought "Flaws" would be their breakthrough hit.

<<CUT ..012 (10/31/14)>> 00:17 "what we expected"

Dan Smith, singer for Bastille

Bastille singer Dan Smith says they would have released more songs in the U.S. if "Pompeii" had not been such a hit. ((note length of cut))

<<CUT ..013 (10/31/14)>> 00:09 "its own thing"

Dan Smith, singer for Bastille

Bastille singer Dan Smith says they plan to record new music after the new year but they don't know how it will sound yet.


DENVER (AP) -- John Denver's head is missing. Denver radio station KBPI-FM is pleading for the return of a bronze bust of Denver at the 1st Bank Center that was pried from its base Tuesday night during the station's Saints and Sinners heavy-metal ball. The station is asking for its return, no questions asked. The bust belongs to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and was donated by Denver's family when he became the first inductee in 2011. Police say they have no leads in the theft.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Did you think the Lionel Richie bust that the blind woman creates in the "Hello" video looks anything like him? He doesn't. Richie tells Billboard he told director Bob Giraldi, "It doesn't look like me," and Giraldi said, "We'll talk about it later." They shot the scene where Richie sees the bust and again he said, "It doesn't look like me." Giraldi told him, "Lionel, she's blind. End of subject." Richie took that to mean it was supposed to be a little off. However, he says it worried him to death standing next to it and he thought, "I hope the world doesn't see me looking like this."


NEW YORK (AP) -- Richie Sambora will sing the national anthem before this weekend's Breeders' Cup Classic horse race. The event is tomorrow in Arcadia, California, and it will be shown on NBC Sports Network. Sambora performed at last year's Breeders' Cup by doing the "Call to the Post" on guitar.

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