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Last Update on May 26, 2015 07:08 GMT


LAS VEGAS (AP) -- B.B. King may be close to being laid to rest -- but allegations about those who handled his affairs have not been. Two of the blues legend's daughters are coming right out and saying they believe their dad was murdered. Karen Williams and Patty King claim King's business manager and his personal assistant poisoned their dad. An autopsy was performed on King's body Sunday -- but results won't be ready for several weeks. Police say there is no active homicide investigation under way -- but that could change, if the autopsy results show anything shady. An attorney for King's estate says the claims by the daughters are without foundation.

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports there are challenges to a claim by B.B. King's daughters that their father was a victim of foul play.

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Oscar Wells Gabriel

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports members of B.B. King's family have been in a running battle with those who have been handling his affairs.


LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The allegations about how B.B. King came to his end won't affect plans for his final goodbyes. King's embalmed body was autopsied Sunday -- after a weekend service in Las Vegas and before it was moved to the site of other memorials later this week in Memphis, Tennessee -- and Saturday's planned funeral in Indianola, Mississippi.


SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Next stop for The Rolling Stones: Columbus, Ohio. The second gig in the 15-city "Zip Code" tour will be Saturday. The tour kicked off with a sold-out performance in San Diego. One of the big features of the set up -- a long catwalk that extends from the stage into the audience. During Sunday's show, Mick Jagger sprinted along the length of the catwalk and across the stage attached to it.


ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) -- Faith Hill is one of the stars of the movie "Tomorrowland." And she says she still remembers her first Disney experience. She says it was at Disney World in Orlando -- while she was still in high school. Another major memory -- she says she got sick on the merry-go-round. For most people, that would have been enough, but Hill says she eventually got on the "Tower of Terror" -- which she says lived up to its name. She says being on that was "the most terrified" she has ever been in her life, but called that ride "a great experience." "Tomorrowland" was the top movie at the box office during the long holiday weekend.

Faith Hill says she doubled down on the "fun" by getting on something called the Tower of Terror.

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