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38 weeks

Yep…still here! 39 weeks now. My parents are coming Friday and I’m so excited. Even though I want the baby to come right now, I also really want my parents to see my baby belly in person, so I’m also hoping the baby comes next week.

One of the things I enjoy doing at FOX28 and CBS2 is working on the series called “Pay it Forward.” This is where viewers write in and submit someone they know who demonstrates the “Pay it Forward” mentality of passing on kindness to others, with no strings attached.

I love this series because it brings sunshine to our newscasts. It’s the part where we get to tell viewers good news! I have met some really amazing people through this series. Inspiring, unselfish people. People that have challenged me to look around at what I could do to brighten the lives of others.

Pay it Forward stories air the first and third Sundays of every month. As you know, with a baby comes maternity leave. So in order to keep the sunshine in the lives of viewers while I’m gone. I'm pulling some TV magic where you will still hear from me even though I'm not really there! I’ve been hustling, pre-producing Pay it Forward stories to air while I’m on leave!

I have to give a shout out to our hardworking photographers who went out and conducted several interviews for me when I couldn’t because of health reasons (I talk about this in another blog. Click here if you’re wondering what happened.)

I pre-produced eight stories on top of the stories I was doing in real time. You might wonder what goes into pre-producing:

-finding the story

-getting into contact with several people to interview and coordinating a time when everyone is available to film

-brainstorming on how to make the story visually interesting

-conducting the interview and shooting the subject “in action”

-transcribing the interview and watching footage

-writing the story

-getting the story approved by the News Director

-recording a voice over

-editing the story

-writing a script for the newscast including anchor intros, outros and time codes for how long it is and when the graphics should pop up on the screen

-contacting the Pay it Forward subject again to confirm where they’d like the donation in their name to go.

Even though it was hard work, it felt so good to complete my goal. I wasted no time in getting them done as quickly as possible because there is so much uncertainty with pregnancy I didn’t want something to happen and not have these done.

When I get back from maternity leave, I’m going to need some story ideas! So if you know someone who demonstrates the Pay it Forward mentality, please nominate them and then I’ll have some stories to work on when I get back! Here’s the link to nominate.

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