The waiting game

35 weeks

Waiting. That’s the name of the game now. 36 weeks this week. The baby app says our baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce. For a better description, I think they need to say romaine lettuce with arms and legs sticking off of it. I can feel the little feet (or hands) far on my right side now. Weirder, I’m seeing them more and more! Like little fists punching to get out. It’s the most amazing thing and I am still fascinated by it.

I am less than a month away from the official due date. Tony and I are both so excited to meet this little baby! We especially can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl. There really isn’t much new and exciting to tell you about, but I think that’s a good description of how things are right now. There comes a point where the nursery is all ready, the shower is over, all the "eventful" prep work is finished and you’ve prepared as best you can, so you just wait.

The number one question people like to ask right now is how the heat is treating me. The answer: just fine! because I’m staying out of it! If I have to go outside, I don’t stay for too long. I’m still going to pilates and doing some exercises and stretches at home. We have a labor and delivery class coming up! I was so nervous I would go into labor before we took this class, so I’m glad it’s finally here!

Physically I’m still feeling good. It’s harder to stand for long periods of time, it doesn’t take much to make my heart race and I get out of breath really easily along with not sleeping well. But I know all of that is normal and I’m so thankful I’m not having any other troubles!

Next week I should have a few maternity pictures to show you! We had that photo shoot last weekend and I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

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