The nursery

Charlie and his carpet

33 weeks this week! The baby is about the size of a pineapple. We had an ultrasound a few days ago and got to see our sweet babies face...well at least half of it! The baby kept his/her hands held up high, blocking us the whole time! It was so neat because we saw the baby yawn several times and rub his/her eyes with those tiny little fists! I put some ultrasound pictures in the slideshow of pictures above. One is of the baby yawning! The other one shows off some super cute baby lips!

The nursery is finished, at least until the baby is born. Once we know the gender we will decorate more with pops of color. But for now it’s grey and white. I think our "fur baby" Charlie thinks we are creating a room just for him. He loves laying on the soft white rug. We have a feeling he'll be spending a lot of time there once the baby gets here. He loves babies and always wants to be near them. We keep joking we're having this baby just for him.

Excuse the "construction" look of the pictures above, we are still putting things in their place. We have a crib, chair, dresser and rug. The throw pillow in the chair needs more "fluff" inside. I got the pillow cover from Ikea and I had an old throw pillow I got there several years ago. I thought it would be the perfect fit, but the case is way bigger than the pillow. So I need to find one that will fill that pillow case out more. Click on "view photo gallery" to see the pictures fully. If you don't, they'll be cut off.

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