The not cute part of pregnancy

Baby belly

When movies and TV show pregnant women, they are always so cute and craving funny things or eating everything in sight. I have yet to experience this part!

In a stroke of irony, on Thanksgiving day is when I started experiencing "morning sickness."

"Morning sickness" my foot! My sickness lasted all day long! Along with it, I lost all will to eat anything! I would rather be hooked up to an IV for nutrition than have to eat. To make matters worse, it happened when my parents were visiting for the holiday. I practically laid on the couch their whole visit.

After a few days of eating chicken broth, I branched out to the hard stuff: mac and cheese. It wasn’t that I was constantly “greeting my food for a second time” but I always felt like it could have been coming for a visit. Even water made me gag! I drank orange juice and sports drinks for what felt like forever.

After a few months, things got better, but I still had trouble eating anything that had protein in it: meat, avocado, hummus, yogurt, you name it. Except cheese. Cheese is my friend. I ate countless quesadillas and grilled cheeses...not because I was craving it, I should be so lucky, but because it was the only protein I could handle. Around week 18 I finally was able to start eating normally again...except chicken. Which is horrible because chicken is a staple in my weeknight dinners. Meal planning was out the window and on a day to day basis.

Everyone keeps asking what I’m craving and all I can say is “the will to eat!”

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