The Babymoon

Navy Pier

27 weeks this week! The baby is apparently the size of a head of cauliflower.

One of the trendy things to do when you are an expecting parent is to take a “babymoon.” Who invents this stuff? Tony and I have been married for 8 years…with no kids…I’d say we’ve had an 8 year “babymoon!” But I get it, it’s a chance for you to have one last “hoorah” together, one last adventure, before your life changes forever.

Instead of taking one last vacation as a couple, I’d rather cherish every ordinary moment together. So that’s what we are doing.

Wanna go to a movie at midnight? Better do it now! Wanna hang out with friends randomly on a Thursday night at 10PM? Say yes! Wanna sleep in on Saturday morning. You betcha.

One thing I really did want to experience before the baby comes is visit Chicago! So Tony and I recently went and did all the touristy things! It was my first time there. We spent most of the time just walking around looking at everything!

For over 8 years now Tony and I have had many wonderful adventures together. We are both really looking forward to adding another adventure buddy into our family. I know we are in for joy and fun like we’ve never experienced before. As Frank Sinatra put it, I think the “best is yet to come.”

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