Support at home


34 weeks this week! The baby is about the size of a cantaloupe. I’m feeling the baby stretch out more and my right side is getting lots of jabs from either a foot or hand.

My husband Tony has been so sweet and servant hearted through this whole pregnancy. He’s been understanding and sympathetic towards all the many changes we’ve gone through so far. I’m already a crier but the pregnancy hormones have skyrocketed me to a whole new level. But now when I cry, I also laugh because I know it’s so ridiculous that I’m crying so hard. He’s been so sweet just letting me cry/ laugh and hugging me through it.

He’s also been a rock star in the kitchen! With me going from sick and not wanting to eat to now being hungry and not knowing what to eat. He makes dinner every weeknight and even meal plans and gets the groceries! He’s also been attentive to make sure I don’t lift anything heavy and that I’m not overexerting myself.

I feel so loved by him. Even when I'm not feeling my best, he makes me feel beautiful and tells me often how he loves my growing belly.

There’s really so many things I could say about how supportive and loving my husband is. Even before we were expecting, he's the best friend I could ask for. So it's no surprise that he's been so helpful through this whole process. I just wanted to share with you because this is his journey too and you'd be missing a huge part of this story if I didn't tell you about him.

I am so blessed to share life with him and thankful for a husband who is involved and active in this adventure.

Next week I'll have pictures from my baby shower to share with you!

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