Still here

The latest picture of our baby!

Well, I’m still here! 38 weeks this week. The expectancy Tony and I feel is to the extreme. Do you remember the excitement you felt waking up on Christmas morning as a child? That’s how I feel every morning when I wake up. I'm so thankful I've had the blessing of experiencing pregnancy and all that comes with it. I can't wait to meet our baby and finally know if it's a boy or girl!

My parents are coming next week! We haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving! We are hoping to spend some time together before the baby comes and Tony and I turn into zombies. (That would make a great movie right? Zombies that are actually just new parents who are getting no sleep and worried sick at every little noise their baby makes. That big reveal would come at the end, what a twist ending!)

Everything is still going well, I’m feeling some normal back pain and my stomach just keeps feeling heavier, but I really have no complaints. We have our hospital bag packed and ready to go and now we are just waiting for the big moment. Next week could potentially be my last full week at work if the baby really does come on July 12, but I plan on working up until the moment it happens, so only time will tell!

The picture above is the latest picture of our baby taken a few weeks ago!

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