Sharing the big secret

The baby announcement canvas

The week I found out I was having a baby was excruciating!

I had to keep the biggest secret of my life from my best friend! I wanted to surprise Tony in the most perfect way and that takes some planning.

When Tony asked me to marry him, he wrote it on a canvas that hangs in our hallway today. So I knew when I told him about the baby, I wanted to write it on canvas, so we could hang it next to the proposal art! I had it all planned out! I would tell him on a Friday night after he got back from spending time with some friends. That would give me time to paint it and then he would walk in and there sitting on the kitchen table would be the canvas announcing we were having a baby! Tada!

The only problem was that I was losing my mind and I could not wait one more second to tell him the biggest news of our lives. So Thursday night after my last newscast we had planned on going out to eat with some of my co-workers. Tony was going to meet us there. In between the news cast and meeting at the restaurant I ran to the only store open at 10PM with art supplies... Walmart. I painted the canvas in the parking lot in my car, which I knew was a horrible idea, but told myself I’d be careful.

Famous last words. I got paint on my jacket, the seat, steering wheel, in my hair and all over my fingers! When I got to the restaurant I hid my hands until I could go to the bathroom to wash off the paint. That was the longest dinner of my life. My heart was racing, I had anxiety and I couldn’t breathe. Trying to play like everything was cool, I couldn’t wait to get out of there and tell Tony the big news!

When we got home I waited for him to go upstairs and ran to the car to grab the canvas and set it on the table. “Tony can you come here for a second” I was shaking and my heart was pounding so hard, I couldn’t breathe. I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. When he came down the stairs I burst into tears. He stood there at the end of the stairs with the cutest excited look on his face. When he came to hug me, I was so relieved he finally knew and we could start talking about this new exciting chapter of our lives!

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