Pregnancy complications

30 weeks

When people greet each other often they’ll ask “how are you?” Unless it’s your close friend you say the socially appropriate answer “I’m good, how are you?” Normally if something is actually wrong you aren’t going to fill them in on that. It sounds so fake, but isn’t it true? We all do it.

I want to be real with you. Since I’ve already put myself out there with this blog sharing how everything’s going, I don’t want to paint a fake picture of pregnancy and that it’s always perfect.

Last week I ended up in the hospital for two nights. Without being too graphic, I had some complications with my pregnancy. It came out of nowhere. I was going about my day like normal, I had my hair and makeup done and was about to go into work when it happened. I called OBGYN Specialists and they said wherever you were planning to have your baby…head to their labor and delivery. The car ride there might have been the longest car ride of Tony and my lives. I think we hit every red light. We had no idea what was happening and were so scared. After getting all checked out by Dr. Orr, she told us best case scenario my complications would stop and we’d go home and get back to normal. Worst case scenario I’d have to have a C-section. My baby isn’t supposed to come until July…at that time it wasn’t even May yet. You can only imagine the thoughts and feelings we had.

We had the best care possible at Mercy and with Dr. Orr. I also got to meet Dr. Rexroth. He was very easy going and helpful. We asked a million questions and the best part is the nurses and Drs. never seemed to be rushing. It felt like I was their only patient and they were fine to sit there and talk with me and Tony for however long we needed them. After two nights, I’m thankful to say, my complications stopped and we were able to go home with the baby still where he/she should be. There really wasn’t any perfect explanation for what happened. It doesn’t appear it was anything I did that caused the complications.

After that I stayed in bed a lot and didn’t really do anything but go into work. Then this week we had another scare. Luckily this time when we went to the hospital, after checking a few things they sent me back home, confident it was kind of a ripple effect from the previous week. So we’ve had a really eventful last two weeks. We are so thankful that the baby and I are healthy and praying that from here on out everything is smooth. I’m still planning on taking it easy from now on. I’m told I can go back to my normal activities, within reason. So I guess any plans for a trampoline party are out of the question?

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