Limber for Labor

River City Pilates

32 Weeks and the baby app I’m using says the baby is as big as a 16 inch yellow squash.

Since the scare incident a few weeks ago, I’ve slowly started to up my activity a bit. I started walking for exercise…or should I say waddling at this point?

I’ve also finally gone back to Pilates! I never realized how important Pilates would become in helping me stay active. If it weren’t for that I might go crazy because I’m not exercising like normal. A big thank you to Carey Sadler at River City Pilates for helping me! I filled her in on everything that happened and when it was time for me to go back I asked her if we could modify some of the movements. She had so many great new things for me to try! Some of the exercises I’m even able to do at home, so it’s been really helpful in staying limber for labor.

We also have our nursery pretty much put together until we find out the gender! We are arranging it this weekend, so I'll have some pictures for you next week!

I’m really excited about this Friday because the station is having a community baby shower! Just to be clear, it’s not for me! It’s a donation drive for the Salvation Army. They are in great need of diapers, wipes and formula. We will be outside the station (600 Old Marion Road, Cedar Rapids) from 5AM-6:30PM collecting donations to give to the Salvation Army. They'll give the products to families in need. We’ll have cookies and water for you and you get the chance to win a gift card to Hyvee! It’s the first time our station has done this and I’m proud to say my baby inspired it!

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