Learning about babies

Tony & Kelly

31 Weeks this week! My goodness, I can’t believe it! The baby is apparently the size of a coconut. I can tell the baby is getting bigger because I’m starting to feel the baby move far over on my right side instead of just in the middle. I can’t get over how amazing it is. At night my husband and I will lay down and just watch my belly move. This week the movements have started looking like a water bed! It’s fascinating! We are so thankful for the blessing of this little baby.

Still not feeling aches and pains yet. But sleeping is an issue. I wake up several times in the night. I’m not uncomfortable yet, but for some reason I just don’t sleep very soundly. Maybe that’s really where “baby brain” comes from? Lack of sleep. Solved it. By the way…baby brain is real! I’ll be talking to someone and then can’t remember a name or a thought I had. It just disappears!

I know a lot of people say taking care of a baby just comes naturally. But to just sit back and wait to see what happens is not my personality. I need information, people! I didn’t grow up around babies, I was the baby of the family! So Tony and I have signed up for several baby care classes. We have a breastfeeding class and labor and delivery class coming up, but have already taken “baby basics.” They had a baby doll there for us to practice with. We learned tips and facts about how to best bathe a baby, how to do the “swaddle” blanket wrap, how to hold a baby, diapering, bottle and pacifier types, shaken baby syndrome, soothing techniques and a whole lot more. It was really informative and helped both of us feel more confident.

The excitement grows for this little bitty thing day by day. We are so blessed to get to experience all of this.

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