Gym Fail but Pilates Win

Rivercity Pilates

26 weeks this week! The baby (apparently the size of a scallion stalk) is really moving these days! Me...not as much as I would like. I haven't been consistent getting to the gym. Various appointments, work responsibilities and just life in general has been causing me to miss going...but I have been consistent in my Pilates appointments! Having to actually meet someone who is expecting you really helps get you there!

Plus, I really look forward to going! Pilates is like getting a massage. Ok, maybe not that relaxing, but whenever I'm done with class, I feel so limber and relaxed! It’s very low impact. Different from my typical exercise because it doesn’t feel manic. I’m used to getting my heart rate racing, jumping around, and constant movement. Pilates feels calm and slow. If you’re not familiar with it, I’d say it’s like working out while stretching.

There are many different exercises, but so far the ones I’ve done use a bench and various bars and bands connected to springs. At some point during the exercises, we work my legs, arms and abs. These exercises all put you in tune with body alignment and breathing. Instructor, Carey Sadler watches each exercise to make sure my form is correct and talks me through how to breathe and how my body alignment should feel.

It's deceiving because it's low impact, but the day after, I have sore muscles! Which I love because that makes me feel like I actually worked something!

Over the years I haven’t really made a strong effort at stretching and being flexible. When I became pregnant I realized it’s going to be important for me to have a strong core and be flexible for labor. Each Pilates exercise combines stretching with resistance so I’m working on both of those goals. In some of the exercises, Carey gently pulled my arm or lightly pushed my back to help the stretch more. That was my favorite part! It actually felt really great!

You can imagine, my mind has a whole new department of thoughts constantly running with to-do lists and plans to prepare for the baby. But during class, my mind is relaxed the whole time. All I think about is breathing at the right time and staying in tune with how my body is positioned. This is really nice because it gives my mind a break!

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