Learning my way through pregnancy


24 weeks this week and the baby is apparently the size of an ear of corn! If I lay flat on my back, I can see my stomach jump in spots where the baby is moving! The first time Tony and I saw this we laughed and laughed. Each week it's so fun to see the different developments!

I can’t believe we are over halfway there! I feel like this pregnancy has gone by fast (ask me again in June!) I’m so thankful God gives us 40 weeks to be pregnant because there is so much to prepare and learn. I feel like I’ve had adequate time to get used to the idea that I’m having a baby, procrastinate in preparing, be stressed about all I don’t know and finally start to prepare by taking classes and preparing our home.

In April we are planning to start on the baby’s room! So I look forward to sharing pictures of that with you!

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about something fun I’m doing that might be interesting for other moms or those who are pregnant!

This Sunday, April 2 is the CBS2 “2 Your Health Expo” and I’ll be talking with Amy Boelk from Tree of Life Health Coaching from 2 PM-3 PM. Based on my questions and concerns over my pregnancy, I’ve come up with some topics we’re going to cover! (I figure I can’t be the only one thinking these things!)

-Exercise and stretching during pregnancy (Carey Sadler from Rivercity Pilates will be there to demonstrate and share ideas for this!)

-Frequently asked health questions (I’ll ask some of my questions and we’ll open it up for you to ask yours!)

-Meal planning (how to be efficient in planning and buying.)

-Recipe ideas (give me some ideas while I’m being weird about food!)

-Nutrition during pregnancy (what kinds of foods do I need to incorporate to make sure I’m getting proper nutrition for me and baby? Ideas on how to incorporate these foods.)

Also if you’re interested, I’ll be interviewing Miss Iowa at 1:30 PM! I’ll ask about her health routine, how she was able to take care of herself during her busy year as Miss Iowa, her keys to self-control to make sure she is eating healthy and her advice for others who’d like to join the pageant circuit.

I’d really love your input! If you have some questions you’d like me to ask Tree of Life Health Coaching, Rivercity Pilates, or Miss Iowa feel free to email me ( or Facebook me!

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