A special season for sisters

This past week I traveled to Washington D.C. to visit my sister, Wendy! This trip was a little extra special because she is also pregnant! She is due at the end of April. This will be her third baby! It has been really fun to experience pregnancy at the same time and being able to talk with each other about what we’re going through!

There's so much I have to learn about pregnancy and caring for an infant. I feel really blessed that my sister is also my best friend and I can ask her all my ridiculous questions. We took a lot of “baby bump” pictures together and giggled about how her belly was more prominent than mine.

While I was there, her friends held a shower for her! It was so special for both of us that I could be there! Unlike me, she decided to find out the gender, so her party was all pink and sparkles! I loved being there to hear her friends “oooing” and “awwing” over the cute little girl clothes and accessories she got! Being from the south, one of her friends had a custom onesie made for her that says "I'm fixin' to cry ya'll." That was my favorite! She also helped me register for my baby registry while I was there, which was a huge relief because walking down those aisles of millions of products is overwhelming! She could tell me what I actually needed and what products she found to work best!

What an exciting season of life we are able to share together! This trip is surely one of those memories I’ll cherish my entire life. I’m really looking forward to meeting my new niece and can’t wait to have our two babies meet! You can imagine, our entire family is really looking forward to the holidays this year when we can all be together with two newborns!

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